Popular Education in Revolutionary Times: Reflecting on Nicaragua's Popular Education Program in the 1980s

Deborah, Nicaragua and Popular Education

The selected archives present in this collection consist of two major bodies of work in which Deborah was involved in some form. These are Caminemos magazine and Deborah's own documentary photography. Although they have a similar theme and both focus on Popular Education in Nicaragua, they served different purposes. On the one hand, "Caminemos: Revista de Educación Popular Bàsica No1" was created as a source for Campesinos to continue with their education. The magazine was part of Nicaragua's national literacy program to ensure the efficiency of their campaign against illiteracy. Deborah shares some memories of the creation of this magazine as she reflects on the events she took part in as part of this process. 

On the other hand, the photographs explore a historical event through the eyes of Deborah Barndt. The images present us a narrative of  revolution, change, and collective processes. Many of the images focus on the collective force working, teaching and learning in groups. The people in this images are part of a creative process, learning accessible storytelling tools (literacy, photography, design) in order to be able to tell their own stories. 

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