Popular Education in Revolutionary Times: Reflecting on Nicaragua's Popular Education Program in the 1980s

Image Analysis

One of the goals of this archival project was to use the Freirian method of analysis presented within the archive to show students how they might develop their own analysis based on the archive materials.

Based on Paulo Freire's methodology, Deborah Barndt developed a way to respond to an image by asking oneself core questions along 5 core themes:
—Description: what did you see, hear or feel in their stories? What do you think is happening? Tell how you feel about it?
—Personal Association: Have you ever had an experience like that? Can you identify with the problem presented? 
—Social Relationship: How is your experience similar to the experience of others? How is it different? Do you see problems that other people also have?
—Analysis: Why does this problem exist? What happens because of it? How does it relate to other problems?
—Action: What resources (person, group or community) could help solve this problem—in the short run? In the long run?

Contents of this path: