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Looking Back: Temporal and Spatial Connections of Post-War Migration and Displacement Through the Eyes of the Toronto Telegram

Timeline of Publishing Patterns of Global Displacement between 1939-1964

Seen above is the timeline of the photographs from this collection, plotted based on their dates of publication. Although, there were photographs that were either published more than once, and another where the publication date was unknown but it could be determined when the photograph was taken based on the newspaper being read and knowing the publication date of the photograph used on the front page.

The timeline shows a pattern in the Telegram's publishing. A great interest in the War Guests in Toronto is indicated by the large number of photographs published during WWII, and then a lull until the mid-1950s when the Toronto Telegram photographed a series of Toronto's Red Cross initiatives, and then again in the early 1960s when immigrants and migrants began relocating to Canada.

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