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Additionally, Ernest Hart further explains mesmerism in his article titled, "Hypnotism, Animal Magnetism, And Hysteria" which was published in 1892 therein he states, " Mesmer, who gives his name to the practice called mesmerism, did not think it enough to use talismans and magic boxes, but introduced contact and passes with the hand by which to communicate what he called the magnetic virtue due to animal magnetism. He declared that by this method "the physician may judge with certainty of the origin, nature, and progress of diseases, however complicated they may be; he may hinder their development and accomplish their cure without exposing the patient to dangerous and troublesome consequences, irrespective of age, temperament, and sex. Even women in a state of pregnancy and during parturition may reap the same advantage." (1215)

Hart, Ernest. “Hypnotism, Animal Magnetism, And Hysteria.” The British Medical Journal, vol. 2, no. 1666, 1892, pp. 1215–1220. JSTOR,


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