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In his article titled, "PARACELSUS AS A CHEMIST AND REFORMER OF CHEMISTRY", J. M. Stillman demonstrates the significance of Paracelsus as a student of chemistry processes and theories and further states, " One historically important theory, that of the three elements (tria prima)—sulphur, mercury, and salt—as constituting principles of all other substances, seems to have been original with him, though using earlier speculations as material for its development. Historians of chemistry have generally recognized the important influence of Paracelsus upon the development of chemical science in emphasizing its importance to medicine and pharmacology." (108)

Stillman, J. M. “PARACELSUS AS A CHEMIST AND REFORMER OF CHEMISTRY.” The Monist, vol. 29, no. 1, 1919, pp. 106–124. JSTOR,


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