Horse Racing in Toronto


This online exhibition explores six Canadian racehorses that won at least one of the three races that would become known at the Canadian Triple Crown.
Tracks that were open in the Toronto-area during the time period were Woodbine, Dufferin, Thorncliffe and Long Branch.[1]

Most racehorses begin their racing career at the age of two. 
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This exhibition was one of the projects that was completed during a 120-hour Public History placement at the Digital Scholarship Centre in Scott Library at York University. The author is completing her final semester of her Honours Bachelors of Art degree majoring in history. This online exhibition allowed the author to combine her two passions of history and horses.  All of the photographs, except for few, were scanned by the author. All photograph directly included in the exhibition are from the Toronto Telegram Photograph Collection housed at the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections located at York University. 

[1] “Bobby Watson,” Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, March 25, 2019. URL:


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