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Budpath was a chestnut, male Thoroughbred born in 1938.[1] He was owned and bred by Harry C. Hatch and trained by Lloyd Gentry.[2] His sire was Buddy Bauer and his dam was Luress.[3]
While Budpath did race as a two-year-old, including finishing third in the Cup and Saucer at Long Branch, he was most successful as a three-year-old.[4] During 1941, he was always in the top three. He won the King’s Plate at Old Woodbine, the Canadian Derby, and the Hare Memorial; he was second in the Polo Park Handicap and the Little Saratoga; his worst finish came in the Orpen Memorial when he came in third.[5] He earned $14,840 in those six races.[6]  

Robert Watson, who rode Budpath to victory in the King’s Plate, commented the following about the race: “I knew Budpath was the winner when he hit the quarter-mile pole. He responded to every move I made with him […] I called on Budpath for his best. He pricked his ears, and I hit him once with the whip and he drew away from the one-length lead to a bigger margin, and I knew we were home.”[7]
According to Jim Coleman, Budpath “never won another race” after he was defeated by My Fend in the Polo Park Handicap and was retired to stud at the Hatch Farm."[8]
Overall, Budpath won five races, finish second three times, and third two times, giving him a total earning of $16,740.[9]
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