Popular Education in Revolutionary Times: Reflecting on Nicaragua's Popular Education Program in the 1980s

Food movements in North America

The converging of a growing local organic food movement with a resurgence of Indigenous communities has created a unique space for settler-Indigenous dialogue around food sovereignty as an entry point to many other issues. Corn has been central to First Nations in Canada such as the Haudenosaunee who have long connections with the Hijos de Maiz in the south. Twenty years ago, the National Film Board produced a film, “The Gift”, directed by Gary Farmer. 
“This short documentary examines the role of corn in the lives of Indigenous peoples in the Americas. Before colonization, corn was widely used as a beverage, a food staple, an oil, and a ceremonial object. It was respected and revered as a critical part of creation. This film explores the powerful bond and spiritual relationship that continues to exist between people and corn.
Combining interviews, dance, and song, The Gift captures the traditional, spiritual, economic, and political importance of this sacred plant.”

Other examples from Six Nations, Three Sisters, and from Legacies Project 


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