The making of a digital archive, by a non-archivist

Metadata: titles & descriptions

When photographic slides had been provided with titles by David Wurfel I decided to keep them. For these slides I also decided to use the title for the description. Oftentimes the only information I added to the description was the specific place (when provided by Wurfel) and the more general reference of the country. The cases below exemplify this and their detailed metadata can be seen when clicking on the section 'details' for each image. 

For photographic slides without titles assigned by David Wurfel I decided to name them based on the content of the image and the name of the folder in which the slides were included. In specific situations I also named them according to their similarity to other slides. The description for these photographic slides consisted of a repetition of the title assigned by me. I decided to spatially contextualize the images in both titles and descriptions.


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