Popular Education in Revolutionary Times: Reflecting on Nicaragua's Popular Education Program in the 1980s

1. Description

At first glance, this image seems to present two people holding a camera. However within the context of this archive the image takes on a deeper meaning. Taking this context into perspective, a few important elements come to the surface. First, you are instantly aware of the proximity between the subjects. Their heads are leaning towards each other, their hands are millimetres away from touching, and their gazes share an intense focus on the camera. Second, there is a deep spirit of collaboration within the photo. It is clear that they are working together to capture a picture, but because of this spirit of collaboration is unclear who is meant to be the teacher and who is meant to be the student. Together these two aspects of the photo really highlight the social impact of popular education. People who might normally never cross paths are brought together to learn from each other under a horizontal power structure. In turn, this power structure and collaborative approach enable them to create a picture that is based on a shared vision of the matter at hand.

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